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Koviem Millennial Suit

Millennial Suit

Shawl Lapel

Burgundy Buttons

Burgundy Patterned Lining


Jacket Details

Suiting wool

Burgundy: Ethan Smith #19

Lining: Burgundy patterned: FQ S14 #8

Elongated shawl lapel

Single button closure

Burgundy button

Slit exterior pockets

Interior pockets

Silver Embroidery: Lady E

Measurements taken onsite

Trouser Details

Tapered leg

Ankle length

Side slit pockets

Hook closure

No belt loops

Measurements taken onsite


Jacket Length Back: 21.5in

Jacket Length Front: 30in (over bust)

Sleeve Length: 25in

Shoulders: 15in

Chest: 43in

Waist: 38in

Stomach: 40in

Hips: 49in

Pants Length: 37in

Crotch: 34.5in

Inseam: 26in

Thigh: 29in

Bicep: 13.5in

Wrist: 6.75in

Calf: 18in

Ankle opening: 14in (tapered)