The Koviem Collective: Kevwe Mowarin

Kevwe is the Founder and Creative Director of Koviem. Originally from a finance background, she has combined her business expertise and her penchant for custom suiting to create a company that is catering to the modern woman.

 On her career path

Necessity is the mother of invention. This brand is the ultimate example of the timeless proverb.

When I launched my career on Wall Street, I noticed a gap in the suiting market as I attempted to get a custom suit and had difficulty finding options that were of high-quality and modern design. From this gap, Koviem was founded.

My time as an investment banker gave me the opportunity to meet other women thriving in the workplace but facing the same issue. Although society’s number of empowered women was increasing, access to the custom suiting market was relatively closed off. I decided it was time to address that.


On her 9-to-5 style

My style definitely revolves around comfort. Running a company and juggling priorities means that I’m always on the go. Comfort is key in these situations. I don’t really have time to complain about painful shoes or adjust an ill-fitting outfit. Fit is key since I want to make sure that whatever I put on in the morning will stay put throughout the day.

I’ve also tried to simplify my life a bit by limiting the number of decisions I have to make in a day. That’s actually one of the reasons that I love suits so much. It’s easy to look put together in very little time. If I have a meeting, I’ll generally just grab a suit and put a loose t-shirt or blouse underneath. I also love matching my suits with a light sneaker for a more casual look.


On her power suit

After a significant period in the finance world, I love the freedom that I now have to experiment with color. My favorite suits from the collection are those in the Millennial Series because of the unique fabrics and unexpected hues. I think it’s fun getting people to take a second look when I walk into a room in a cobalt or magenta suit. I feel most comfortable when I know that the clothes I’m wearing reflect who I am.

I believe in power dressing everywhere – not just in the workplace. I enjoy wearing a power suit to brunch, cocktails, and parties. Suiting has been redefined and is now acceptable in almost all settings. Since I feel the most comfortable in my suit, I choose to wear it whenever I can.


On her mission statement

With Koviem, I developed a brand on the premise that every woman should be able to experience the unique feeling of wearing a suit specifically made for her. The belief that women’s suiting should not be an afterthought prompted an arduous search for the perfect tailor specifically trained in designing for women’s figures. While building the brand, I remain steadfastly dedicated to curating the best pieces, with a focus on three characteristics: fit, personalization, and empowerment.

The mantra, “See the suit, but focus on the woman,” guides every stylistic decision made by myself and my ream. We enjoy the challenge of creating pieces fit for the revolutionary woman. Suits represent democracy in fashion and the team at Koviem is proud to be part of that story.

Kevwe Mowarin