The Koviem Collective: Nicole Franco

Nicole Franco is the creator of, a creative outlet and visual diary showcasing Nicole’s style. As a destination for unique and curated content, Nicole seeks to blend downtown style with Parisian effortless vibes and west coast cool. Mixing high-end pieces with fast fashion, Nicole is driven to show that aesthetics are key in style, not the label in the clothes.

On her journey to working in fashion

I was a personal shopper back in New York City, when I decided I was done looking for job opportunities that weren’t fulfilling what I wanted to do. Soon, I moved to San Diego to start a new career. This was a turning point in my career.

Going through the experiences I went through, there was not one single moment necessarily that defined my career. It was, instead, a collection of moments that began when I was working in New York, then to moving back home to Arizona and finally moving to San Diego. It wasn’t as if I had a clear-cut path to what I wanted to do, but a collection of moments pushing me to go towards the career I have now.


On her current schedule

On a day to day basis, I work from home, so I can wear whatever I want. I mostly dress comfortable. I hate not wearing clothes that I feel comfortable in.

When it comes to dressing for a special occasion, I usually try to not overthink what I am going to wear. I do overthink it still, but I try my best to dress for who I am and not for others. A tip I follow is to go with the outfit that first comes to my mind.


On her personal style

Style guidelines and tips have developed over my experiences. My style is a bit of a mixture between east and west coast standards. One day, I dress entirely like a New York girl - black from head to toe. Other days, I dress like a beach girl. It’s funny how the two styles are so different. Sometimes, I am looked at strangely if I don’t have on a pair of flip-flops in San Diego. Even jeans, causes a double take from fellow San Diego natives!

One of the style tips I live by is: When in doubt, wear all black…especially in New York! A classic black dress with a blazer and some ballet flats can make a totally acceptable and chic look for any occasion. My personal go-to look for a meeting in San Diego is usually a button down shirt with jeans and sneakers.

I balance my wardrobe between work and after-work outfits by packing a pair of heels. I am so picky with different shoes, I have to a nice pair. Changing out of sneakers to heels can create an entirely new look. This is one of the things I did all the time while working in New York.

I admire the brand, Celine for a great power suit. Despite how much I admire Celine, I have never been much of a label shopper, I’d rather own something that looks good on me and makes me feel confident.


On her goals for 2018

In 2018, I hope to continue supporting bloggers I have stayed in tune with. One is Courtney Trop from Always Judging. I love her style. She speaks with such a powerful voice, “This is me. Take it or leave it.” She has quite the confidence. Another woman I will continue to support is Idalia Salsamendi. She gave a speech at a conference I was attending. Her speech was inspiring. She spoke on what it means to be a real influencer. She is down to earth, but yet speaks her mind fully.


On career advice she has received

“Just don’t work in fashion anymore.” This piece of advice had to be the worst I had ever received. Initially, I was angered by this and thought of it as rude. Then, it sparked a fire in me to continue working in fashion. Ironically, this advice reminded me of what I wanted to do, but was at first seen as very rude. I realized I needed to be me to build success.

Advice I would give to women out there aspiring to be a blogger or influencer is to stay true to yourself. Work really hard. Learn to trust the journey. Everything will fall into place.


On where to find her

Instagram: @nicolemariefranco

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