Who We Are


Never in history have women been so in control of their destiny. Our team at Koviem is proud to be a part of that story and we enjoy the challenge of creating pieces fit for this revolutionary woman.
— Kevwe Mowarin, Founder

The Idea

Custom suiting needs a feminine experience. Once reserved for wealthy businessmen, the power suit is now the uniform for the female of the future. 

Fit should be a problem of the past. We are using AI technology to revolutionize the bespoke suiting model - an industry that has been ripe for disruption due to its inconvenience and time consuming fittings. 

Style & Quality

Our philosophy is simple…create beautiful pieces for the modern woman!

Women’s suiting should not be an afterthought. That is why we searched long and hard to find a tailor specifically trained in designing for women’s figures. 

100% Custom

A Koviem suit is not cut until commissioned by the owner. Choose well and make it last. Play with the choice of fabric of your power suits – see what flatters and makes you feel best. 

Custom suiting means no surplus products. No unwanted suits means less landfill polluting our planet.